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Is Your Subpersonality Running the Show? It is a good time to revisit your life goals and assess whether the life you've built is helping you accomplish those goals. It is important for you to formalize plans. After all, you are not a talker—you are a doer.

Capricorn (astrology)

And you are happiest when your personal goals align with those of the people around you. Saturn-in-Capricorns may need to overcome resentment or jealousy toward others, especially in terms of status or wealth.

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You may struggle with feelings of insecurity when you see others being recognized. As a Saturn-in-Capricorn, you want to be respected and taken seriously—especially by your peers.

The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

Astrology Consultation. All articles at a glance Current Planets. Videos posted on her Twitter feed. By now and all this week , we may notice that action and aggression intended to makes things right are becoming prominent. Julija Simas says:.

As a Saturn-in-Capricorn, you have the gifts of extra patience and fortitude, which allow you to deal with the many obstacles that come your way. You are ambitious and have the will to succeed.

November 2018

Matt Savinar at North Bay Astrology writes Saturn in Libra versus Saturn in Scorpio: The Lord of Karma Moves from the Sign of the Marriage. I had been planning to write again on the fateful encounters brought by the Vertex point this week, but the solar eclipse at 22° Scorpio fell within.

Saturn-in-Capricorns are more likely to trust authority and resist going against social conventions. Somewhere in between, many Europe countries no longer trust where the US is going. Bush's nuclear statements created a furor of response in the international community.

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Solar Eclipses produce large events in the external world. Traditionally eclipses are always associated with large shifts in political rulerships. It indicates that short-term, nationalistic agendas may win the day, but it doesn't look good for those authoritarian agendas and may see massive outpouring of protest and dissent in the northern hemisphere if the USA launches a war on countries like Iran or Iraq Bush's so-called "Axis of Evil".

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We have war, terrorism, authoritarianism, threats to world peace, nuclear perils and a loss of civil liberties in many countries associated with the "terrorist" threat. We also have the fantastic potential to turn things around, for people to see through the web of media manipulation that is now daily altering our view of the truth. Time will tell whether this is the turning point of a new world of internationalism to conquer fear or a New World Order based on loss of liberties and authoritarian control of the world economy that takes away all our freedom to live and trade as we want.

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Richard Giles, writer, astrologer and Feng Shui consultant, was born in Adelaide, South Australia, spending his childhood in sunny bliss in the climate of the City of Culture. For many centuries, individual horoscopes have been central to astrology.

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As a rule, particular points in time are analyzed, whether concerning human beings, states, organizations, or mundane constellations. Currently, however, only two horoscopes can be conveniently compared to each other. Groups of three or more individuals quickly become difficult to master when conventional tools are used, and such groups therefore elude a systematic analysis. Old myths reveal that most heroes experience a transformational encounter with a dragon at some point in their journey. While you may think that the dragon is your mother-in-law or your boss, in reality it is a metaphorical monster.

The engagement with the dragon is an allegory for the times in the individuation process when we wrestle with unsavory sides of the self, parts that we deny or keep secret but that have an uncanny knack for showing up anyway.

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The election has left more than one person searching for answers, including astrologers, the majority of whom picked Hillary Clinton to be the occupant of the Oval Office in Hand-wringing has continued. What was missing from the algorithms? What asteroid or aspect did we fail to take into account? More importantly, what does this say about astrological prediction in general? What does it say about astrology?

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The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction - Maurice Fernandez - Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness

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